Clan Bryson 2001: A Hillbilly Odyssy
We had a great time! Look for pictures to be posted soon in Yahoo!Groups

We tallied the votes in the discussion group and you can view the results on-line at

Location Time/Date
Community Center Friday, 8/24/2001 2-10 PM
Community Center Saturday, 8/25/2001 8-10 AM
Dillard House Restaurant Saturday, 8/25/2001 4:30 PM -
Community Center Sunday -- all day

Very important: you must pre-register by e-mailing Donnie Bryson for the Dillard House dinner no later than one week prior to the gathering in order to have a spot. That can handle of us, but we must give them an accurate count.

The format for the gathering is very informal. Bring your best stories, pictures, and questions. Groups will be heading out to the places like the local Tartan Museum and graveyards. Also, some of us will be joining Cousin Emma at her church Sunday morning.

Directions to the Recreation Park (per Cousin Emma Conley as we all know Donnie gets lost going to his own mail box)

Directions to the Macon County Recreation Park----Large Shelter: Highway 441 S (Georgia Road)--south of Franklin Turn LEFT on Allman Dr. ---this road is between the Huddle House and Texaco Station. Go .4 mile (4/10) on Allman Dr.----the Recreation Park is on your RIGHT. (Big Sign for the park) Go throught the gate at the recreation park and stay LEFT and the road will bring you to the Large Shelter. There is lots of things at the rec. park swimming pool, tennis court, and etc.

The Macon County Community Service center building has 2 shelters--so this is the reason, I am giving you directions. The Macon County Community Service center building is location beside the road on 441S (Georgia Road)on the LEFT directly across from the Whistle Stop Mall. The shelter behind this building is small, and it would not be big enough for 30+ people.

The electrical outlets are at the top of the shelter. If we want to use coffee makers and etc., we will need long extension cords.

Clan Bryson Labor Day 2000 Gathering Notes

We had a great time in Bryson City during the Labor Day weekend. If you would like to reunion pictures, follow the link to Yahoo! Groups, BrysonBunch

What is Clan Bryson?

Several of us were researching our history on the Internet and began to discuss our family history in an Internet discussion group. That discussion group is for those of you with a computer. Family histories and genealogies are interesting, but we began to lament the disintegration of the large extended hillbilly family throughout the mobile, industrial 20th century. Few live in the same city of their birth and even fewer households have more than one generation under the same roof. We have lost something precious as those ties have withered. So, we began to discuss holding gatherings to reclaim our sense kith and kin. This event has grown out of that discussion.

We needed a banner to hold these gatherings under. So, we petitioned the Clans of Ireland for official Clan status. We were notified on 5/20/99 that the registration of Clan Bryson was accepted by Clans of Ireland, Ltd. Actually, we were a Clan before the registration was accepted. A Clan is no more than a family in its broadest sense. Our registration was only a formality. We were always a Clan. We each were conceived as members of Clan Bryson in our mother's womb. We are each a stanza in its song regardless what we do. It has nothing to do with paying dues or membership cards. It has everything to do with the blood in our veins and the sinew of our souls.

Donnie Bryson, Chattanooga TN son of Olen Lovell, son of James Buford, son of Fidel, son of LaFayette Columbus, son of James Holmes(Jr), son of John W, son of James Holmes(Sr), son of William Bryson of Antrim County, Ireland

Please send me your information on any Bryson reunion around the world!