Cousin Phyllis provided us with this alternative history of the Brysons.

"The surname Bryson is a patronymic origin, being one of those names derived from the first name of a father. The name literally signifies "the son of Brice". Brice appears to be a Celtic name although it's meaning is unclear.

However, some scholars believe that the name Brice is a form of Bruce. In the fifth century, St. Brice was successor as bishop of Tours to St. Martin. He is the patron for those who suffer stomach disorders. Alternatively, the surname Bryson may signify "the son of Rice", the personal name Rice being of Welsh origin. The name would have developed from the Welsh "Ab Rice". The prefix "Ab in Welsh means "son of" and this may have been contracted to Brice. It would probably have been anglicized to Bryson. The surnames Brees (Ab Rees) and Bloyd (Ab Bloyd) were formed a similar manner.

This surname occurs in England as early as 1273. In the Hundred Rolls of that year one John Brice is listed. In 1332 the Subsidy Rolls for Cumerland records the existence of one John Briceson while Thomas Bryson is listed in the Suffolk Subsidy Rolls in 1524.

Notable bearers of the surname include Lyman Bryson (1888-1959), the American educator who was professor of of the Teachers College al Columbia University.

BLAZON OF ARMS: a saltire between two spur rowels in fess, a spear head in chief argent, and a crescent in base or. Translation: Gules (red) denotes Military Fortitude and Magnanimity. A saltire is representative of the cross of St. Andrew. It signifies Suffering for a Faith.
CREST: A hand holding a hunting horn.
MOTTO: Divit post funera virtus.
Translation: Virtue lives after the grave.